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Many of you know Denise Molina and the strong woman she is.

I have had the pleasure of knowing her since I was in Elementary school with her. Growing up I knew right away she would be a friend for life and she continued to be one of my best friends no matter where life has taken us. As we grew older I never knew the struggles Denise faced everyday due to having juvenile diabetes also known as Type I Diabetes. As many of you may know Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin; insulin is in fact important for life-sustaining. Type 1 Diabetes is 24/7/365 day battle that never ends, from pricking fingers up to 10+ times a day to injecting insulin multiple times a day even down to counting every single thing you eat or drink to make sure your blood sugar is where it should be. Many people may know that when you have an autoimmune disease it is very hard to stay healthy. With that being said, many of you know Denise also contracted Tuberculosis as a teenager sending her to ICU for a very long time. Denise was very critical and on life support due to bilateral lungs collapsing, trachea and blood clot on her right leg causing lack of oxygen to the brain as well. Even though Doctors didn’t have a good prognosis Denise overcame and survived, thanks be to God. Although Denise survived she suffered tremendous damage to her lungs that was irreversible. Fast forward many years and now Denise faces even more health issues that are due to her diabetes, she is now in renal failure. Renal failure is when your kidney’s stop working and dangerous levels of waste accumulate in the blood, without functioning kidneys the only alternative is dialysis. Dialysis is a life-supporting treatment that Denise must undergo 3 times a week, 4 hours each day to stay alive, a very harsh treatment that leaves Denise drained and very weak. As you can all see for yourself Denise is VERY strong woman that has won many battles in her life and some that are yet to be won. Denise has gone years trying to get a transplant for her pancreas and now her kidneys, only to be turned away time and time again due to complications. The latest being that her lungs, due to her Tuberculosis, are not strong enough to endure a transplant. Healthy people walk around with 100% function of their lungs while Denise is walking around with 45% function. Mysterious to all doctors Denise is not in need of oxygen to walk around as someone with her low lung function would need. No doctor here in Houston will let Denise be on the transplant list due to her lungs being very damaged,unless she gets a lung transplant first. At this moment there are doctor’s at Baylor Scott and White in Temple, Texas that specialize in cases as fragile as Denise’s. Today I come to you for financial support to get Denise to Temple, Texas and for many hospital bills that have been accumulated since the beginning of this battle. If you can’t give money at this time we ask that you share this with as many people as you can. We all love Denise and we want to help her through her battle. Many of you may want to contribute in other ways and I think a very fitting and self-rewarding way would be to inform yourself on being a donor. Donors saves lives and this time we want to save Denise and get her to the way we all remember her, amazing and full of life.

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September 17, 2019

September 16, 2019
Everything was running smoothly Denise was already making the transition from Baylor Scott White in Temple, TX to Baylor College of Medicine here in Houston, TX. Denise started with allergies and before we knew it she was coughing on back on oxygen. It’s been almost a month and a half that she has been back on oxygen and we have been hoping that she would get off soon. But, not all things come by themselves. Denise is back in the hospital with a UTI and stomach bacteria that was caught in time. She was admitted to hospital on September 11th, she was pretty dehydrated. Nurses had a hard time finding her veins to place IVs and antibiotics. After 7 days she may be going home with additional medication for an infection. the good thing is that this did not affect her kidney transplant at all. She is still on oxygen and anxiety has kicked in and she is a bit paranoid of getting sick and losing her kidney. Lord help us! Even with everything going on we have faith that “this too shall pass” and we will be putting this behind us and keep going forward with God’s help.

June 20, 2019

6/20/2019 Good News- Denise is a little more active now. She is not using oxygen but will still have to follow up with pulmonary doctor for a six minute walk to get rid of the oxygen tanks. She got of off oxygen back in 2005 and I knew in my heart she would be doing the same again. It’s those little steps that she takes everyday that makes us grateful that Denise has never given up and we her parents have never given up on her. Thank you Jesus

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May 25, 2019

Get Well Denise! ❤️ to organ donors and their family!

Kristen Turner

May 24, 2019


christina carpio

May 24, 2019

Prayers your way beautiful

Sandra Zavala

May 19, 2019

Keep strong Denise. God bless you.

Jose Esteban Maldonado