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Looking back two years ago, I would’ve never thought this would be my life. My son’s rare condition has caused our lives to do a full 180 and I’m all out of resources and answers.

I have made the best out of every situation, but this part I cant do alone. I NEED YOUR HELP!! Jaylin has a list of diagnoses, but to point out the scariest ones … cirrhosis of the liver, an Enlarged Spleen that’s the size of his liver (and could possibly rupture), and tumors throughout his body. That’s not even the worst of it, his body grows varces because it’s trying to heal itself which is awesome, but in Jaylin’s case its life threatening. The blood flowing through those veins has ruptured before and Jaylin has to go under an emergency procedure to band them (stop the bleeding). This process will happen again and I have to trust my gut and know that something is wrong and get him to the nearest Trauma Center immediately. It’s just a matter of waiting it out. Imagine losing your child in a tragic accident and that pain hits you that you would never see your child again. I carry that pain on a daily never knowing what the next day may bring. Talk about strength!

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September 11, 2020

Praying for you!

Latonya Downing

January 9, 2020

My prayers are with you and your family.

Jerrica Bailey

January 9, 2020

God Bless you!