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Nice Deep Breaths is What Larry Looks Forward Too!

My husband Larry’s earliest memories of being unable to breathe go back to his childhood Asthma and the home remedy of waking up with his head over a pot of steaming Vicks and water. He did not outgrow his Asthma and made bad choices with smoking for many years, In addition, his chosen profession caused him to work in areas with dirty air. All of this led to COPD and Emphysema. Even though he is a non-smoker today and retired, his condition has come to the point that he cannot live without continuous oxygen, many medications and inhalers. He has recently been listed for a lung transplant. We are reaching out to family, friends and our community to help with fundraising to make this life changing procedure possible.

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March 6, 2020

Hope continues..... We thought Larry would receive his transplant last month when we got a call they had a lung for him. We frantically initiated the travel plans with the Air Ambulance and flew to Stanford Medical Center. He was prepped for surgery and in the operating room when we found out the lungs were not viable for transplant.

He was discharged and we had to get a hotel room after being up for over 24 hours and arrange a flight home. Unfortunately, we found out this is common with lung transplants and could happen again. While we were left with these unexpected expenses, we learned so much and will be better prepared when the call comes again. Hope it will be soon.

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March 7, 2020

Larry, praying for you!! Love Shanna

Shanna Williams