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I Will Not Stop Fighting

My name is Donna, and I need a kidney transplant. I am very fortunate that my insurance will cover to pay for the transplant and that I have a nest egg to cover both pre and post transplant expenses. But it doesn’t cover everything and that’s why i’m here asking for your help.

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May 21, 2022

I have had a successful transplant and things with my kidney are great. I still suffer from side effects to a low immune system. I have had covid two times and I have also been layed up with a broken leg that got infection because of low immune system. Insurance is by biggest expense.

December 28, 2019

Hey just found out I am in the top five on the transplant list. This is great news. Thank you all for your help. We almost made our goal this is fantastic news too. I hope this all works out for the better for all of us. Your gifts have made this possible and I could not have done this without each and every one of you.

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September 2, 2019

From all of us in support of you.
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