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Help a disabled artist, writer & activist access their home and community

Karrie is an award-winning writer, Intermedia artist, fabric designer, ink-maker, and outspoken disability activist. At age fourteen, they became a healthcare activist, volunteering as a peer educator for a local reproductive health clinic. With notables in Best American Essays, Intermedia art exhibited in a retrospective at the first program of its kind, the Schiff Award for Prose, and an essay recognized as one of the Most Transformative Essays of 2016 by Sundress Publications (also nominated for a Pushcart), Karrie’s work breaks barriers for disabled writers and artists.

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August 23, 2021

HUGE NEWS: We were approved by WRAP (Wheelchair Accessibility Program for help with a ramp! They will provide design, engineering, and labor and we need to purchase materials. As I have mentioned before, we were denied help by FEMA for the $59,000 in home repairs left to do after the derecho disaster, and one of those is the deck. That is anywhere from a $20,000–$30,000 estimate, depending on materials, design, and contractor. So getting help with the ramp is HUGE, but materials could still be in the thousands and so we need a big push. If you can promote my fundraiser, it will make all the difference! I will post the email from WRAP shortly and the FEMA rejection as well as quotes on the deck. We are also applying for various other programs in the city for help, but a huge barrier there is that we took in my mother after dad died and so her income puts us right over the limits. For some, expenses may count, so we are showing them my medical costs. I will update you as we learn more. THANK YOU for all of your help so far!

August 19, 2021

A quick update! Thank you SO MUCH For all of the amazing support! I recently won a grant to purchase new hearing aids, so I was able to replace my old ones and now I can hear again. We were also approved by an organization to build a ramp, and we must purchase the materials. Of course, this also means we need to repair the deck that was damaged in the derecho disaster in August 2020. Insurance rejected the claim and we have tried every possible avenue for appeal with them and with FEMA — no luck. After we achieve the goal for the deck and ramp, we are working toward stair lifts and other mods. We are looking into some grants that could help fill in gaps and we are also reaching out to local orgs to partner with our Help Hope Live campaign. Thank you again! It means everything!

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October 2, 2021

Good luck

Daira Hopwood

September 30, 2021

Keep going. Keep going. A stranger who thinks you are great on twitter, is in your corner.

Zachary Hug

September 13, 2021

Sending best wishes for brighter days ahead.

Michelle Raines

September 13, 2021

Sending a big hug to you and your mom, Karrie. ❤️

Rebeccah Leiby