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Help a disabled artist, writer & activist access their home and community

Karrie is an award-winning writer, Intermedia artist, fabric designer, ink-maker, and outspoken disability activist. At age fourteen, they became a healthcare activist, volunteering as a peer educator for a local reproductive health clinic. With notables in Best American Essays, Intermedia art exhibited in a retrospective at the first program of its kind, the Schiff Award for Prose, and an essay recognized as one of the Most Transformative Essays of 2016 by Sundress Publications (also nominated for a Pushcart), Karrie’s work breaks barriers for disabled writers and artists.

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June 20, 2021

Hello everyone! I have been sick and dealing with the intense heat wave and some other issues with repairs on the house, so I apologize for not posting for so long! I wanted to send a huge thanks to all for your support. Shares, comments, and donations are all equally amazing, and I truly feel the support of my community.

Right now, I am awaiting the phlebotemist for whole genome sequencing. They are behind due to COVID so it may be a couple months of waiting. The results of this test may or may not change the course of my treatment or how we understand my conditions, but the need for home modifications such as a ramp and stair lifts goes on!

I am reaching out to local nonprofits to hold events and possibly with contractors who may want to partner in fundraising and get the publicity of helping a disabled customer while also being paid for their work. Alan is offering to trade video & marketing work, so if you are aware of any contractors who would be open to this (or if you are one!), please get in touch!

At the moment, I am eager to raise the funds for the cyborg gloves because my grip is interfering with PT due to my lack of strength for bands, small (very small) weights, etc. I think that is my top priority for now. Each one is $1999 (they were $1400, but the sale is over alas). Shares help so much! Thank you1

June 7, 2021

Hello everyone! Just a quick update:

I am currently awaiting scheduling for a phlebotomist to come to my home for a blood draw for full genome testing. I have some upcoming tests following not-great news at the doctor, but I may need to cancel due to lack of funds.

Our biggest need right now is a van. We are often unable to include me in events because we can’t fit my wheelchair and a third person in our vehicle (let alone a fourth person!).

We also still need stair lifts, my cyborg gloves for my grip, and a ramp.

Unfortunately, due to the severe damage to our home and insurance refusing to cover our deck, the only way we can get the ramp is to come up with funds for the deck, which is impossible on Alan’s wages … at the same time, we have been turned down from nonprofits because we took in my mother and they want to count her social security as household income, taking us just over the limits.

Mom is looking for a place, but she cannot afford one.

I am working hard to look for further grants, but so far, no luck. I thank you all for your support, and I hope I have better news soon!

Hoping to do an online event to raise funds, and I will have details soon.

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July 21, 2021

Someone helped me once, so I’m paying it forward now that I can.


July 21, 2021

Thank you for all you do to help and support others.

Heather McCoy

July 21, 2021

<3 <3


July 15, 2021

Hope this helps a little bit! Sending you love.

Lindsay Czitron-Graves