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At 28 years old, in late May 2019, PJ had been feeling lots of aches and pains which he thought were strains from too much golf. On Thursday, May 30 he felt that it was time to go to the ER because it became unbearable.

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August 15, 2019

Day 39 out of 50 now complete. I have 3 days off before I get back to chemo. Very much looking forward to this weekend break. Feeling appreciative of all the great vibes, thoughts and wishes that continue to come my way. Thanks to everyone who continues to write, call, text and reach out through my family. Keep it coming. THANK YOU!!!!

August 6, 2019

Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been pretty intense. We are now at Day 23 of 50 in this Round. The Doc says that the meds are doing what they are supposed to do. I’m plugging along. Pretty tired most of the time and listening to my body, sleeping when I need to sleep and eating when I need to eat. Feeling grateful for all of the calls, texts, messages, cards, and all good vibes that continue to flow my way. Please continue to send them my way. I appreciate all of them and all of you. I’ll do my best to keep the updates more regular. Thank you!

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August 14, 2019

Thinking of you PJ and sending positive Karma to you and your family for continued strength, courage and determination. Try to be patient and savor all the tiny steps forward. You Got This!

Frank & Colleen Foti

August 7, 2019

Hi PJ, Thanks for the update. I think about every day and I wish there was something I could do. Your mom always says how brave you are and that you never complain. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love, Aunt Dot

August 6, 2019

Stay strong love you brotha

Rob Leone

August 3, 2019

Now that I’m fully awake, I might as well offer you some advice. Remove all the negatives from your life. Try to use positive words, listen to positive music, watch uplifting movies. It really helps!!!!

It’s Gina A gain