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Mark is a 65 year old family man who needs urgent help for a lung transplant.

Mark was diagnosed with interstitual lung disease in 2015. It is a rare disease that causes hardening of the lung tissues preventing the lungs from producing oxygen. It is a chronic & severely debilitating disease & is ultimately fatal. The only cure is a double lung transplant.

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August 15, 2019

Mark is home from the hospital! He has the start of pneumonia & fluid on the lungs. He is resting & trying to feel better!!

August 13, 2019

Mark had his 1 month check-up for his new lungs! Looking good! But, Sunday he was running a fever & not feeling well & was admitted to the hospital. They are running lots of tests to find the problem!

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July 11, 2019

Hi Mark, So glad you got a transplant so quickly. We wish you a speedy recovery and to breathe easy for a change, Pete and Connie.

Connie Hanson