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A Second Chance at Life!

I remember getting the call from my mom, Lorie, in 2008… she had been diagnosed with COPD. At the time, the doctors gave her 4 or 5 years of “normal” living before the disease forever altered her quality of life.

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September 13, 2019

Quick update on Mom: we’re still in ICU, but she got her epidural this morning, so she’s feeling no pain! She’s been out of bed twice and is currently sitting in the recliner. They have removed 4 of 6 chest tubes and are planning to get her walking in the next hour or so.

September 12, 2019

Mom’s surgery concluded about noon today, in just 5 hours! The doctor’s say she is doing great! Her oxygen level is good and everyone said the surgery went exceptionally well. They had discussed pulling her breathing tube today, but it got too late for her epidural to be applied, so they decided to wait until morning to proceed. She will continue to be heavily sedated through the night and is sleeping deeply in ICU.

There was a funny moment earlier today when Mom was woken by the nurses. As soon as she came awake, she started making a writing motion with her hand. We got her some paper and a sharpie. After a few seconds of scribbling, I could make out “can’t breathe”.

“That’s the breathing tube,” answered our nurse, Kelsey. “It feels like a straw you’re breathing through.”

Over the next few minutes, Mom continued to scribble…”sore throat”…”lots of pain”…
Every time, the nurse responded reassuringly and I’d start to take the Sharpie, but she hung on tight and kept scribbling:
“too hot”…”dry mouth”…”dry throat”…

My mom, never a woman of few words, even after a major surgery! 😉 I shouldn’t talk, this apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

After receiving some pain meds in her IV, she slipped back to sleep. But I still had to pry the Sharpie from her hand. LOL

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