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Help Dawn Regain Mobility and Health

Everyone faces hardships in their lives. Our amazing friend Dawn is experiencing health-related circumstances that most cannot comprehend, much less endure. She is currently battling FOUR chronic conditions with limited treatment options: Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Ehlers-danlos Syndrome, Lyme disease, and Alpha-gal allergy.

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March 15, 2020

It’s been much too long since I have posted an update!
I have been able to remain stable at 89 pounds with the addition of an elemental diet drink called Neocate. It’s an amino acid oral nutritional supplement that I take under supervision on my Gastroenterologist. It is pretty pricey ($147 for 9 days’ worth), and insurance does not cover or reimburse. My “safe” foods have been reduced to 6, and I am in my final round of appeals- this time seen by a judge- with my compounded medications. Sometimes I grow weary, I must admit. But I’m not giving up. Because of YOU and God.

I am so very appreciative to everyone for your constant support- financially and mentally. THANK YOU so much.

I have not had to use my wheelchair in 3 months!!!!!!! That feels AMAZING. My kidney enzymes are getting a little funky, and my knees still bonk out due to the combo of malnutrition, Ehlers-danlos, and prednisone (yup, still on it), but I have been able to get out and walk with the pup. It is JOYOUS to be outside! Absolutely changes my mood and perspective every time.

I will soon have my fourth injection of Xoilar, a biological medicine used for mast cell disorder syndrome and for asthma. I haven’t noticed a huge effect yet, but folks say that it often reaches peak performance between the 3 and 6-month mark, so I remain hopeful and prayerful.

Love you all so much!
Thank you dearly for lifting me up. XO to the moon and all of her tidal forces.

(Shale just came in the room to offer his wagging thanks as well. 🙂

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June 12, 2020

<3 you!

Molly Paryani

April 30, 2020

<3 you so much xoxo

Molly Paryani

November 8, 2019

Keep the faith! I love you so much!


October 20, 2019