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Live, Love, Laugh, Peace!

God is Great. I had a liver transplant, died, then came back! Jesus had other plans. I believe in miracles and I was a miracle. I care for people, babies, and more I knew I had a bad liver a few years ago I found out by going to bed and getting up in cramps in my stomach I spent 5 days in the hospital I was then directed to a liver doctor at IU in Indianapolis (this is my liver journey)After going to a liver doctor for a year I was looking for a miracle!I Was put on a liver transplant list, 3 days later after being on the list I was laying in bed we got a call we have liver! I was filled with sadness and happiness knowing an individual had passed to give me a second chance of life, I’m humbled and happy I get to the hospital and I’m met by coordinator and the organs at the same time! I got prepared for surgery as I was in surgery I came to a place as a day here on earth it became dim and the wind picked up newspaper flying through the air as a storm approached as if I was in a scary movie,I felt something coming I felt it was death I got scared and I looked around and there was a wood pile I prayed to jesus to help save me and then I woke up on life support as I got better I saw my kids and fiancee and my heart melted. When she and I was alone I told her what happened she looked at me in disbelief then I was in I.C.U for four days but I had changed,I wanted to preach to anyone who would listen my fiancee told me she thought my donor liver was from a preacher I was wanting. To tell everyone about Heaven and hell and to save and bring them to jesus! After I got out of the hospital a week later I had clinicals take blood see the doctor when I was in rehab I was in bed and heard the doctors coming down the hall then I heard him tell the other doctors here is our miracle,so when I saw the doctor at clinicals I asked was I a miracle and he said yes I was and I asked why was I a miracle he said I was in and out and I asked did I die? He said yes you did I knew but wanted her to know they never came to tell her but I am a miracle and I don’t care who’s against me jesus is with me! Make sure to get saved by jesus christ but I don’t push religion on anyone but there is a heaven and hell!

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