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Rachel has spent her life pouring good into everyone around her. Although often heartbreaking, she spent her career in social work helping countless families meet their needs while providing support and encouragement as their children were overcome with terminal illness. She has been a hero to so many, bringing hope when all had been lost. Rachel now finds herself needing a hero as her liver is rapidly failing and she cannot afford the costly transplant needed to save her life, even with insurance.

We are reaching out to family and friends to join us in fundraising for the Non-profit Help Hope Live to help with the expenses related to her life-saving procedure.

Updates (2)

December 8, 2019

Rachel is officially on the transplant list. Yay! She's been told to expect her transplant within 6 months. Until then she's doing her best to keep her spirits up and stay as comfortable and healthy as possible. She continues to retain fluids and is on a very restricted diet. Please continue to pray for her and send her lots of love! Thanks!

November 19, 2019

Thanks for your support! Rachel is in the process of getting her Cobra insurance started. She is currently between coverages and will be placed on the donor list as soon as coverage becomes effective. This has been an unexpected and frustrating delay, but she has maintained good spirits through it all. Until then, she is continuing to retain fluids (usually at least 8 liters) which must be drained each week. Drain day is a great day because she has a day or two of feeling a bit more comfortable and maybe even getting some sleep!

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December 3, 2019

I pray for your quick and speedy healing Rachel. HE IS FAITHFUL.

Shari Reade

November 22, 2019

Rachel.....I think of you several times a day, and send a little prayer, too. Thank you for the humor (and fabulous recipes!) you share with us. Much love to you.

Pamela Allen

November 21, 2019

Prayers for you and complete healing!!!

Greta Minton