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The journeys have just begun, after 18 years in and out of heart procedures, we are now at 11 months past Ben’s heart transplant and are still in great need of your help. We’re asking family, loved ones and friends and new journey companions to join us in fundraising for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to help with the thousands of dollars of accruing expenses that are not covered with Ben’s Health Insurance, such as anti-rejection medications, immunological infection medicines, medical/pharmacy/specialty equipment & supplies, incredible travel expenses, therapy, co-pays for weekly lab draws & appointments for nerve damage, hip therapy and heart therapy. Although I now hold $1,400,000 in claims to date, all this is being worked out in insurance & hospital negotiations.

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September 17, 2020

Greetings, back at UC hospital and out Monday. More tests, lungs heart, brain. Follow up after transplant. no results yet. Back in in 2 weeks for some final tests for the year. Again i want to thank all of you dear friends and family for your caring concern, prayers, cards, posts etc. all along this harrowing journey, encouraging me on to the finish line. to the family, friends and loved ones, fellows by my side on this rugged trail, stay safe, be well. Make wise decisions in these perilous times. Ben

July 13, 2020

greetings friends and family.. In between hospital stays, out in early June, back in September, for extensive tests, mri, ct, echo,etc…Severe side affects of heart Chemo still a horrible daily nightmare..makes reading, writing, watching, listening a real challenge. Quality of life since the transplant ? 1-10 ? ONE… i’ve recently been challenged with Shingles on top of all the rest ! Incredible pain which i know very well ! Just call me JOB, many of you know the story of the Biblical man and his struggles, Faith and Courage, endurance, and reliance on God’s strength
your prayers, it’s my wind under my wings, to finish this journey to the end of this system, which seems very close now, or till death do us part.
I thank all of you once again for your donations on behalf of the fundraiser to help with ongoing medical expenses. And your thoughtful prayers, your kindness and considerations from your hearts.
may you and your loved ones navigate safely through these turbulent , violent times in which we live.. Love, kindness and peace, always…

BEN >>>><<<<<

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September 20, 2020

God’s healing strength!

Deb Leasure

July 13, 2020


Ben Ziervogel

April 13, 2020

Hope and Prayers For Recovery

Frederick Curtis

February 11, 2020

Ben, you're such a kind and inspired person. I really hope people are able to give generously to help you out so you can focus on being well and not stressing on finances. I hope each day gets better. Erin (your past student from Canada)

Erin Hancock