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Jenny has been struggling for many years with a debilitating gastro-intestinal condition that has nearly claimed her life on several occasions. She now has the once in a lifetime opportunity to receive a small bowel and kidney transplant which she both needs and deserves. This surgery will save Jennifer’s life and give her the chance to be there for her children, and hopefully grandchildren. Something that she could only dream of until now.

Jenny is a fighter. From the onset of her illness, she has continuously exceeded her life expectancy, surviving several surgeries and hospitalizations, a medically induced coma, and even being placed on hospice care. Against all odds; through sheer resilience, determination, and faith she remains the loving matriarch of her family. The glue that keeps us all together.

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December 4, 2019

Praying for you and your family. xoxo

Tracy Blackmore

December 2, 2019

Love you so much Jen.

Jennifer Daprato

December 1, 2019

I hope you’ll get the treatment you need, sending you my prayers.

Giselle Harb

December 1, 2019

You story is so touching. You and your family has been through so much. Please keep us up to date and I will continue to keep you and the family in my thoughts and prayers Jennifer.