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Help Leonard with a successful liver transplant and healthy recovery.

Hi this is Kim Leonard’s wife. We have chosen to fundraise with Help Hope Live because we need financial help. We live in Idaho and Leonard has to go to Utah for his liver transplant. We will have to stay in Utah for about 3 months. I will be taking time off work to do this, so I will not have any income for these months. We need help with a place to live, food and transportation while we are there. Since we own our own home, Leonard’s social security will pay our mortgage while we are in Utah. And after the transplant is done and we can come back home, we will still need to travel to Utah every 2 weeks for testing to make sure his new liver is working well, and that he is healthy.

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April 9, 2020

Hi we went to Utah in March to see the doctor and he said if we don't have money or a place to stay they still will not do anything even if he could die.Now it's going to be harder because our car just broke down,so now we have to figure out how,we're going to be able to get another one. I know everyone is having hard times right now but anything at all would be greatly appreciated. everyone stay healthy and safe.

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