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Sometimes even a hero, like me, will find it hard to humbly accept the help and willingness from other heroes. But if we’re all going to do our individual part to save the world, then we mind as well find it within ourselves to form a team of super heroes.

Hi, they call me Hero, Hero Le. My actual real first name is Hung, which according to the Vietnamese dictionary, Hung stands for the meaning of HERO. I just learned that about myself a decade ago. And believe me, it’s hard to live up to both names, being Hung and being a Hero. But I’ve learned to live with it.

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February 3, 2020

I’ve been somewhat of a videographer all my life, actually. But it wasn’t until I opened up a Facebook account some time around 2011-2012 that I started posting my video creations. Videos which began as just a personal hobby for me later progressed into a form of expression with a passion, along with the need to help raise awareness by creating videos to be shared in the form of stories and information. My main focus at the time was about my love and passion in the area of “Animal Rescue”. Although most of my videos can be found all over Facebook, including the multiple and different pages, I was able to upload some of my video projects on YouTube years ago, and totally forgot that I had even done so until I recently, by accident, tried to log into one of my multiple YouTube accounts, which I had forgotten existed to even remember what my password for it was.

I’ve decided to create a playlist and added as many videos as I could find that were my actual video creations, feeling somewhat surprised that I could have possibly made so many of them over the years but somehow had forgotten all about them to even know that they existed on the YouTube platform. So here is a playlist collection of only the videos of which I could find or had uploaded on YouTube at some time or another, all which were originally upload somewhere on Facebook first. Like they say, “Never put all your eggs in one basket”.

February 3, 2020

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