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Omar received a kidney transplant on November 09, 2019. We have tried to pay for as many of his transplant expenses as we could with what we had saved prior to his procedure, but now we need your help. We want to ensure he focuses his energy on healing and is able to get the care he needs without worrying about finances. In order to help with this burden, we have created this campaign to raise money for critical expenses.

Since Omar was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2013, he has worked hard to do daily tasks so many people take for granted. He worked 40 hours a week to provide for his two daughters and fiancé while managing hypertension, diabetes, and undergoing dialysis for 12 hours every night. Many never realized he was sick because he has always stayed positive and never let health challenges get in his way. Omar would love to be able to go back to work, begin some online schooling, and expand our family of four, but we need your help to get him back to that place.

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February 22, 2021

We are so very grateful for everyone who participated in Lena's Color Street Nail Fundraiser to raise funds for Omar's recovery! Thank you all so very much!

Color Street Fundraiser Lena Delia

January 9, 2021

Wishing you strength, both mentally and physically as you recover.

Rachel Albaugh

January 9, 2021

We love you Omar!!!

Penny Lewis