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September 2017

Michele had her double lung transplant in August, 2016 and returned home to Louisiana at the end of January, 2017. In March she began fighting a mycobacteria infection and the battle has continued. After spending most of their summer in the hospital, Michele and Stephen are having to relocate to Durham so her transplant surgeon can ensure proper healing of the infected surgery area where the mycobacteria was removed.
Arrangements have been made for them to stay at an extended stay hotel at a reduced medical rate but they could use your help.

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January 18, 2017

Thanksgiving is a day of sincere gratitude for not only my friends, family and health, but my life. I like to think I would have kept pushing life on the edge but there is a sincere chance that without my donor, I would not have been here today. It is the first holiday my donor family is without their loved one. I can’t fathom putting into words how their grief is my biggest blessing. All I can think to say is ‘it is well with my soul; Thank you Lord.’

November 22, 2016

November here in Durham is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am doing as well as expected at 10 weeks out from surgery. I have graduated from rehab, meaning I have to work out on my own now. I am slowly getting on top of things I only wish I could 3 months ago! I am able to sweep, do laundry and keep up with dishes. So, while the rest of our little home may be chaotic, I am happy with myself. I am still on sterile water precautions; so all my bathing, drinking and washing is still a chore. I only have a couple spots left in my incision that are almost, but not quite healed enough for Durham water (there is a microbacterium in the water here that is not filtered and it can easily infect me).

Stephen and I are safe from the NC fires, they are a good 200 miles away. However, with the high and low pressure systems hovering near us, we are getting the smoke. I am having to stay indoors because the air quality is in the red.

I am experiencing some rejection right now, which is normal. They are going to treat me with some high dose steroids which should knock the rejection back.

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October 8, 2013

Hi Michele! I emailed my principal asking if the money for a dress down day could go to you or the organization. Get well soon! P.S.- prom is in one yr & I might need more dresses from your closet! ;) jk

Emily C., Thorndale, PA

October 8, 2013

Hi Kiddo. I'm praying for you & Steve every day this week.Keep in touch with me about how you make out @ Duke during the testing. Let me know if you need anything.

Aunt "A", Thorndale, PA