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HELP WANTED! How many times have you seen this sign in your life?

I’m guessing a lot! This time though, is different. This time, help is actually wanted. After living with diabetes for nearly fifty years and dealing with its complications, I am now faced with something that may take some doing to overcome. My kidneys are not as they once were and according to doctors are functioning at twenty percent. This means that daily dialysis treatments and a transplant have now become necessary.
I have ceased to live an active life despite of my recent health issues. Boy Scouts, De Molay, Scholastic Sports, hunting, fishing, hiking any anything that happens outdoors are just some of the many activities I have been and continue to be involved in. My wife and I are in the midst of helping raise ten grandchildren, and I would love to be around to teach them everything I have learned and continue to learn in life. While diabetes has been a struggle, I have learned to deal with it and have overcome the many setbacks it has tried to give me. I believe I am strong enough to get through this new hurdle with the same vigor and tenacity.
Your donation to Help Hope Live will help me immensely. Any amount helps and no donation is too small. Thank you so much for your consideration. Assistance will help with transportation to and from medical facilities, lodging close to the hospital and various other expenses related to the transplant. Thank you again so much for your consideration and for your help!

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