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Hello to all of you who kindly support Help Hope Live,

I am a mother of six children & a grandmother of eight. I have a positive attitude on life & try to bring that not only to myself but also to family, friends & anyone I meet. I love nature & bicycling long distances (I really miss that), & crafting. My daughters, grandchildren & I love having out booth at the farmers market each year. I also love gardening. My precious dogs Buster & Lilly have been with me through the best & the worst of times. I can 100% count on their loyalty & unconditional love. They are such an amazing support system. Family is most important to me. They give me life & strength to keep fighting. Every breath I take is a gift from them. Every time I look in their eyes I am reminded how precious our lives are. They give me the will power to stay strong.
My life took a turn for the worst when I was diagnosed with late stage kidney failure. I’ve been on dialysis for over a year now. It’s been very difficult as the dialysis treatments leaves me with unbelievable migraines & illnesses.
I am working towards a kidney transplant. My family & I are asking for your help with my living expenses, as I have to stay in Colorado for 2-3 months. I will need to rent an Airbnb & cover food & hygiene expenses.
Your donations to Help Hope Live will help tremendously. We must have funding for living expenses during post-transplant recovery before we can continue with the kidney transplant.
Peace & Love,
Jamie & family

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