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Wow 10 years on Dialysis.

The number ten symbolizes the completion of a cycle. It signifies testimony, law and responsibility. And wow what a testimony Gloria Ragland has and she is ready to share it with the world. Could you imagine for the last ten years of your life having to go to a facility every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning to have your blood filtered through a machine, cleaned and returned to your body. Imagine trying to plan your life around this time consuming, life saving regiment. Well that has been Gloria’s Schedule and the time that she has been waiting for is near. She has met with the Kidney transplant team at UAB Hospital and is eagerly awaiting the phone call that she has been looking for. However, she will need about $1,200 to cover some of the after care cost such as a 2 week stay in Birmingham after the surgery. That is where you guys come in, everyone that know her know that she is a fighter and that she don’t look like what she been through, such as open heart surgery, a 30 year diabetic and more. Please consider donating to this very active grandmother of 7. Any amount would be such a blessing and greatly appreciated.

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March 13, 2020

Love you, cousin.

Brian Leslie