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Hello to all of my friends and family! I have been very busy these last few months, trying to get listed for a kidney transplant! And now that I have been approved medically for the procedure, I need to raise funds as quickly as possible in order to be listed on the central / northern Florida transplant list. This money will only be used for medical expenses, copays, prescriptions, temporary housing, food, and gas to stay in Jacksonville for myself and my son, Phillip (who intends to be my donor, if he is a match).

I have started a fundraising campaign with Tax deductible donations can be made to them in my name, and they pay my and my donors’ expenses during and after the kidney transplant. And I will not have to pay taxes on any of the donations, either! Did you know that a GoFundMe campaign charges twice as much in fees and not only do my friends and family have to pay income taxes on it all, but then I will have to accept the donations as income and would then be charged taxes as well! This way, 95% of every PRE-TAX dollar goes directly to my medical expenses. And can never be held against me as income that could jeopardize my medical coverage or income.

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July 7, 2020

Please find it in your heart to help the
Savitsky family achieve their medical funding goal to provide Ms. Savitsky with her much needed kidney transplant.
Thank you for your love and kindness.
Armando L. Arevalo Mignone
And Hayden Rockwell

Armando Arevalo

March 26, 2020

I know i don’t really know you but I know tour son! And I adore the life outta him! I know it’s not much but I hope it helps! Stay safe! You will pull through this!

Sabrina (Bri) Garibaldi

March 7, 2020


Rachel Slater