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Eduardo is a heart transplant recipient. He is 62 years old and has been affected by heart strokes since 2008. He was in Mexico back then and had to wait 5 months for the required equipment to be fixed in order to have two stents set into his heart arteries.
This was a major event and a life-changing experience that made him look into his spiritual nature. Then in 2016, he had other minor heart events, and it was until February 2017 he had another major stroke which required the placement of another three stents on the back arteries of the heart. The period of the next months after this procedure was very hard for Eduardo, he couldn’t breathe, he could barely walk and of course, he couldn’t work. His major goal was to make it to his eldest son’s wedding, which he did. He went into the ER and here doctors found out his lungs were full of water due to a weak heart condition (atrial fibrosis). This period, he could only sleep for one or two hours per night. When at the ER, he was drained 17 pounds of fluids from its body in one day. His Ejection Fraction had come down from 45% to around 35% in a short period of time. I a month he’s Ejection fraction had gone to 25%, that’s when his Cardiologist decided to send him to the transplant team at UCSD Health System in San Diego.
Leopoldo had all kinds of lab exams, CAT scans, Ultrasounds, interviews, Right Heart CAT at least once a month. He was admitted to the heart transplant waiting list in March 2019. He was having all kinds of exams and analysis in order to keep excellent supervision on his condition. It turns out, his Ejection Fraction came to almost 20%.
He was still without an income, and mainly his sons and some friends helped him and his wife Patricia get some periodic income.

He received a call on Sunday, February 12, and was pretty nervous, went into the hospital, and was fortunate that on the first opportunity, he got his new heart. There was a BIG Angel granting him his Second Chance to live. Thank you so so much my Amazing Donor.

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June 20, 2020

FIVE MONTHS, CINCO MESES!!!! WOOWWWW… there are no words that can express what is going on in my life. Everyday there is a blessing, every moment is this feeling of gratirude and blessings that makes it easier to go on. My new heart is doing very well, my main “battle” is dealing with the medications side effects. I have been having really painful cramps through the night wich makes it very hard to sleep, migraines and headeches, anxiety and trembling all over my body; my memory is terrible, and I have to admit it affects my EGO, sometimes I feel so ashamed to forget everything or say some words instead of the ones I meant to say, in a matter of seconds forget what I am about to do… BUT I know this is also going to pass, I am very sure this GIFT I was given is bringin more good thing than the ones I am talking about. And even I know these are some trials to better apreciate my MIRACLE…. And now I can see and feel the importance and weight of all the HELP everyone of you is providing. Your support, your love and help is part of the fuel which moves me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU… I am so GRATEFUL. and I send you all my most lovinngly BLESSINGS, may GOD be with you every moment of your days and let them be filled with love and happiness.

May 26, 2020

GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE.. that is the feeling, the emotion, the place where I am at. I feel so thankful for everything going on in my life, I have the GREAT AND MIGHTY ONE in me, I have you, my Incredible Wife, sons daughters and now, ONE of the biggest gift a human can receive: a GRANDAUGHTER!!! It’s amazing how just took me one day, in giving up, in letting go, yes it sounds crazy, but that’s what it took and takes. Just letting go and releasing everything to GOD. First, he gave me along with my donor a NEW HEART, then together with you, he provided financial support, food, and now a beautiful place to live close to the ocean. And some cherry on the cake, my beautiful package of hean on earth, my Minerva, my first granddaughter/ grandson.
Now it’s the new heart that keeps me and makes me go on. So now, I am taking my part of work and responsibility, I bought a bike for me and my wife and started little by little riding them, doing exercise while having fun and strengthening my heart and my body to help take some load of my doctors.

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May 31, 2020

Just thinking of you!

Marla Grassi

March 7, 2020

I encourage all friends and family of Eduardo and Patricia to support them as they take this next part of their healing journey together. It is an honor to contribute and I know their hearts, minds and spirits are full of faith that they will live a full life together--with our help. Much love to you both, your friend always, Deborah L-G

Deborah Loesch-Griffin

February 25, 2020

Cuídenles a sus mismos

Sarah Stewart

February 23, 2020

Happy to help!!

Marla Grassi