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Anybody who knows our family, knows we are always on the go. Between appointments, therapy, church, and extra-curricular activities, we’re in the car a lot. Did you know that accessibility-adapted vehicles are not considered medically necessary? There’s also no help through insurance for handicap vehicles. We knew they are expensive but honestly had no idea just how expensive. Our daughter, Alexa, is getting heavier and harder to lift in and out of our current van. She’s fed through a G-Tube, which is a surgically-placed gastronomy tube to her stomach. She is also nonverbal and non-mobile, has severe epilepsy, and has developmental delays. She requires 24/7 caregiving. Even with these struggles, everyone who meets Alexa knows that she’s full of life and energy! She loves people, being out and about, and the crazier, the better. She has a need to be around people.

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November 18, 2020

I’ve been crazy busy and slow to update but we have our van! We can’t thank you all enough! God has been so good to us! We never imagined how amazing our new van would be!! This page will continue to stay up as we navigate out next set of needs for Alexa. There are some things that are just not covered by insurance and we can’t get a grant for. Thank you ALL so much, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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September 8, 2020

Please join me in supporting Alexa.

Timothee Damien

September 1, 2020

Always thinking of you and sending love to you and the family!

Brittany Yarger

August 30, 2020

May the peace of our Lord Jesus be with you