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Dear Friends and Family,
I am writing to you on behalf of my mom, Sheri Hill. Many of you have traveled with us through my mom’s health journey. My mom had cancer when she was 12- years-old and received a great amount of radiation for her treatment. Several years ago, we began to understand the severity of the radiation damage, and learned that mom would need a heart transplant.
My mom is incredible, and despite her declining health, she keeps her “revolving door” in the house open to anyone and everyone who needs help. She has taken in children, mentors addicts and serves at our church as a pastor’s wife. She is deeply involved in helping my brother, Josh, and me in every way she can as we transition into adulthood. Through all of his, I am especially inspired by the unconditional love my mom continually gives to my dad. And while it would be easy for her to abandon her faith, she knows that God will take care of her. Her lifestyle demonstrates an unshakeable trust in her Creator.

Mom has been on the heart transplant list in Colorado for a year. The doctors feel her deteriorating health has caused her to be too high of a risk for the transplant program in CO. As a result, she is now on the active transplant waiting list at Cedars- Sinai in Los Angeles — a center that specializes in high risk heart transplants.
Even with insurance, Mom will have many uninsured, transplant-related expenses such as: co-pays and deductibles, doctor visits, temporary travel and relocation to the Los Angeles area and the costly immunosuppressant medications that she will need to take for the rest of her life. These expenses for the next year alone will exceed $50,000.


December 2, 2015

Our love and prayers continue. Congrats on your 2 year Anniversary!!

Mom and Dad

July 1, 2014

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Our thoughts and prayers.

Jim & Bonita Ratliff

June 19, 2014

With all our love and prayers to Sherri and the whole family. God bless, Nelson and Wilma Carehome

Wilma Mayo

December 14, 2013

So happy to hear good reports about you both. God is good. Love to you both.

Marcelyn George and Bob Dowler