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Colette was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2014 just two years after her husband Dave was diagnosed with NASH, non-alcoholic liver disease. Their lives changed drastically over the next few years. Colette had to leave her Massage practice to take care of Dave who was very sick with hepatic encephalopathy. They were in and out of the hospital constantly. Colette’s kidney doctor monitored her closely so that she was able to take care of Dave. In January of 2017 Dave received his new liver! As Dave’s health started to improve, they began to make plans for retirement.

Unfortunately, Colette’s kidney’s continued to deteriorate. She was diagnosed with end stage renal failure in July of 2018. In September she began peritoneal dialysis which is a form of dialysis done seven days a week for nine plus hours plus per night. Despite the efficacy of dialysis, it takes a toll on the patient’s quality of life. Colette experiences leg cramps which curtail her mobility, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue which is taking a toll on her quality of life. Colette loves spending time with her three grandchildren and it is becoming more difficult because of the added complications that come with dialysis.

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