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Javi needs a kidney!

After living a perfectly healthy life for 48 years, this father of two had a case of strep throat that was not properly diagnosed. In short, it turned into bacterial endocarditis and traveled to his kidneys. He had to undergo open heart surgery to repair his mitral valve, post operation he developed pericarditis, and two GI bleeds which caused him to need 22 pints of blood to be transfused. Because of this, his heart rate was constantly 175 bpm for ten days, until the doctors figured out how to bring it down by performing a heart ablasion. Due to the fluid overload, he also developed plural effusion and two thoracentesis. He is currently doing as well as he can, but his kidneys are irreparably damaged. With 2% kidney function, he has to be on dialysis everyday for ten hours. And yet, his blood pressure is still not stable. Doctors are working around the clock to better help bring it down as much as they can, but only a transplant can make his life close to normal again.

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July 10, 2020

May god protect you and your beautiful family!

Tony G

April 1, 2020

Deseandote una pronta recuperación. Abrazos y bendiciones

Natalia Longaray

March 30, 2020

God bless you and your family


March 30, 2020

I don't know you but I wish the best for you and your family <3 stay strong