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On June 9, 2019, Cory Goral was enjoying a fun family weekend on the Colorado River, just outside of Blythe. He had been diving off the dock along with other family members all weekend, until the next dive went all wrong. Cory hit his head on the bottom, unable to move, he held his breath in hopes that someone would retrieve him from the water before floating downriver and drowning. Thankfully, family members rushed over to fish him out. They checked his vitals and supported his neck until the paramedics arrived and airlifted him to the hospital.

He was thereafter intubated and underwent neck surgery the next day. Cory fractured every cervical vertebra and is now fused from occiput (base of his skull) to T1. Communication for the week following his injury consisted of eye blinking and a whiteboard of a few commands based on the number of blinks, followed by more than a month of lip reading with a trach in to help him breathe.

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September 5, 2020

We posted some more videos; some from last year and some more recent. Driving sip-n-puff, tenodesis exercises, and using a computer to name a few. Check the videos out on youtube at CoryG SCI

September 3, 2020

Self feeding videos, check out the progress from Aug 2019 to May 2020.
Aug 2019:
May 2020:

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