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We are trying to raise money for our father Scott M. Bryant. Our Dad is a husband and father of five girls. Grandfather of four girls, five boys & one more on the way. He has been suffering with COPD since 1990. Four years ago he was placed on oxygen that he needs all day and all night to breath. Since the age of 16 our Daddy has been a construction worker roofing and building houses. After multiple trips to the Cleveland Clinic Doctors say a double lung transplant is his only option. We are pleading for any donations to meet our goal of the minimum amount even start the transplant process. Prayers and anything given is more than appreciated!

Family and friends of Scott Bryant are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation.

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February 20, 2021

Hello Scott, My name is Ken Lovely. I represent a charity that helps people like you pay their transplant related medical expenses. Last week we lost the founder and president of our foundation. She was also my wife, mother of 3 and grandmother of 7. She was a donor family who also received two separate lung transplants. Through all of her troubles struggling to breathe, somehow she always found the strength to help others with their own transplant issues, both financial and post transplant issues. Her legacy lives on through our foundation; Transplant Alliance Foundation. Please accept this gift. the only thing we ask in return is when you get your transplant you honor your donor. Live your life to the fullest and tell your story of how transplantation works. Stay healthy and always remember someone you will never meet said yes to organ donation and you will have that persons' lung(s). My wife like you suffered from COPD. It is one of worst things to watch someone go through. I know your pain, I know your struggles. If you would ever like to speak with someone that can tell you about a lung transplant from a caregivers perspective, your HHL case worker can get you in touch with me. I can tell you the day you get the call telling you they found you a donor you will be elated. You will be jumping, dancing from the excitement of not having that hose connected to your nose. While that hose is connected to your nose, I recommend AYR. It is a water based gel that will ease the pain of the dryness from the oxygen. Scott you got this! We donate on a monthly basis, since you need lungs you stand out to my family - you can expect more from us.

Ken Lovely

September 12, 2020

We love you daddy!

Candice Hennen

April 14, 2020

Lots of prayers

Brandi Bywater