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Janea is a 11 year old, beautiful young lady who wants what every other girl her age wants.

I am partial, as I am her mother, but it is very evident that she has something extra. Janea shines bright to those around her, and she has become quite well known in this community. She has many friends who support and care for her as she does her best to keep up with all the children in her age group. However, Janea has a physical disability that most children do not have to contend with, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. It is not a common diagnosis and it limits her mobility and muscle development. Cognitively she is age appropriate, but her physical challenges are substantial with basic, everyday needs. She knows what she needs done and can kindly tell you as well but cannot do many things herself as she would want. She strives to be “like other kids” and be as independent as possible, but ultimately her safety depends on others.

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