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Fun-Loving, Loyal Sibling, Awesome Son

In early May 2019, Alan suffered a heart attack that was initially un-diagnosed for twelve hours. He had thrown a clot and this began his journey to and through heart failure, LVAD, and transplant.

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February 13, 2021


Alan got "THE CALL" from the MAYO transplant team about noon Feb 11. Come up as soon as you can - we have a compatible heart waiting in the wings for you"" !!!!

Transplant was successful about noon on Feb 12. Perfect Valentine's Day gift, early.

The new heart is functioning properly, perked up near immediately upon getting into it's new home, and he is resting comfortably.

And once again -- I'm putting this out there, we could use some help with the first couple months' residency during recovery and initial doctor's appointments; and he'll need support going forward with meds...

Any little bit helps, and builds on itself..

Thanks all

November 8, 2020

So it's early November. Election is over (finally). And Alan will be getting listed this week. We are still fundraising (or continuing it - we had put a pause for a while)..

Once transplant happens, we will be back in N. Phoenix/Scottsdale for up to 3 months again, and facing the same expenses.. It can possibly be up to $12,000 just to have a place to live while he recovers..

After recovery, there will be monthly checks for the first year (and the cost of hotels..).. Any little bit helps, and it all adds up..

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February 13, 2021


Kylie Fleck-Talley

November 24, 2020

Alan is one of kindest souls on this planet and I wish him the best.

Anthony Berume

July 7, 2020

Keep up the good work Alan! Love you!

Laura Lohner