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Most of you don’t know me.

Even those that have been around for years.

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October 29, 2020

I cannot begin to thank you all for the overwhelming response of positive thoughts, support, prayers, and generosity! I appreciate it more than I will ever be able to express. I will still give you what may be a feeble attempt, but THANK YOU SO VERY Much. Please know that I will be thanking each and everyone of you, individually, but it may take awhile…

With that being said

September 18, 2020

I’d like to tell you about our daughter Janeen (Witowski) Hanselman, our first child and only daughter. She is a daughter any parent can only dream of having. She is kind, thoughtful, intelligent, brave and a loving mother to 12 year old twins. She is the first to step in whenever someone needs help or a listening ear. When she had heard that a friend and her children were anticipating sad holidays, Janeen immediately organized a fundraiser to provide Christmas gifts, clothing, toys and monetary donations for the family. Now it is her time to ask for help.

Our daughter was born with congenital issues involving her liver and underwent a major surgery at 6 years of age. Her health truly began to deteriorate within the last few years and she has been unable to work or care for her sons as needed. Between March and September of 2020 alone, she has had 7 hospitalizations including time spent in ICU. Now at the age of 47, she is in desperate need of a liver transplant.

We are asking family and friends to help us in fundraising with the nonprofit Help Hope Live to assist with critical expenses. Although Janeen has insurance there are many expenses which are not covered. The cost of just the anti rejection drugs, which she will need to take for the rest of her life, may exceed thousands of dollars a month.

Donations to Help Hope Live can help ease some of the financial burden of a transplant, allowing Janeen to focus on attaining a healthy recovery and life.

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