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On May 18th, 2019 on the way home from a volleyball tournament, 13 year old daughter Valerie and her Mom were in a horrible car accident.

While her Mom walked away from the accident with minimal injuries, Valerie cannot walk; She is told she may never walk again. We are expecting and praying for miracles and love many of our doctors but they don’t get the final say in this. She has fight in her and we will fight just as hard with her and for her.

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October 3, 2020

October 3, 2020

We have some EXITING news to share!

A very kind and generous breeder, of golden retrievers, has donated a puppy to be Valerie's wheelchair service dog! ‍

Normally this would be a 3 to 4 year process in order for Valerie to receive a dog. However, I truly feel like God had his hand in this.

Here is the incredibly story of how came to be...

The breeder, Kourtney, out of Wyoming and I had been in contact around June. She told me that she had a few litters coming up, but that all the puppies were spoken for. She said IF there happened to be an extra dog that she would donate one to Valerie. These puppies were not due to be born until early September and we would have to wait. In my heart I was certain that an extra puppy would be born and I prayed for an extra puppy.

One very rainy day in July, a particularly bad day, when Valerie was having some complications and nothing seemed to be going right I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. But no amount of worrying or stressing was going to help, and I knew this. I needed some air to clear my head and calm myself. As I open our apartment door, I see a beautiful rainbow and in that moment, I surrendered everything to God. I literally spoke aloud and said, this is bigger than me, all this is more than I can handle, and I trust YOUR plan. Relief set in and I marveled at that beautiful rainbow and felt a sense of peace.

I took pictures of that beautiful rainbow to remind myself of his promises and to help me remember the feeling of peace I had.

Several hours later I get a call from Kourtney. She tells me that she has a dog for Valerie, IF we are interested! A man had decided not to get one of the male puppies as originally planned as he was having back problems/surgery and it wasn't a good time to care for a new dog! THIS was Valerie's extra puppy!

I expect God's favor in life and tell Kourtney how hours earlier I had jusy given God control over so many things, including the service dog, and had seen a rainbow as his promises.

She asks me if I am a believer and I tell her the story about the rainbow I had seen hours earlier. I respond, "YES," more than I have EVER been in my life. You don't get through things like this on your own!

Kourtney says, You're never going to believe this but I'm looking at a rainbow as we speak; she pulls over to the side of the road and sends me the picture of her rainbow.

Fast forward....8 weeks later, this adorable boy, Winston (Winnie and Win are already established nicknames) is on his way to Florida!!!

We have found a trainer willing to work with Winston and with us. The puppy will go to live with her for a minimum of 18 months. He will learn all of his basic commands and then start the rigorous and physical training become Valerie's wheelchair service dog.

Winston will open and close doors, pick things up off the floor and get things that Valerie can't reach. He will be able to pull her up ramps or terrain that she can't navigate. He will serve as a brace to prevent her from falling out of her wheelchair and hopefully one day assist her in getting in and out of her wheelchair independently! This is an amazing blessing both physically and emotionally for Val!

Here is where we need your help!

Training a service dog is expensive and can range from $20,000 to $50,000!

We need to raise a minimum of 25,000 which will include 18 months of care, service training and certification, veterinary bills, shots, x-rays, and neutering once he is old enough. This will also cover the costs of food and pet insurance which is required for a service dog.

Please help make this a reality for Valerie!

Please donate if you are able, Please share this post and link.

Please know how incredibly grateful we are for your love and support. Many people say that Valerie, that we, inspire others. It's actually the other way around. Your love and support is inspiring!

Love and thanks!

Now let's make this happen and say Hi to Winston #Winstonthegoldenr

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December 3, 2020

God bless Valerie and the entire Chandler family.

Joseph Ossi

November 5, 2020

Love and Support,
Anderson Family

Erick Anderson

September 30, 2020

valerie good luck with you rehab god bless bruce and maxine

bruce felderstein