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Joe Angel Martinez is a 46 year old father of 9 children who has been diagnosed with ESRD which is end stage renal disease a terminal illness for over 5 years. He has been on dialysis 3 times a week 4 1/2 hrs each time for over 5 years. He is in desperate need of a kidney transplant and really needs your help. Joe and his family are asking for your help to make this transplant possible, so with your help and donations we can keep him alive. Joe has always been a God fearing and outstanding citizen in his community who loves God, his family and his country. Joe has not been able to work due to the kidney failure and other contributing illnesses. He has been accepted as a candidate for a kidney transplant in Ft Worth Texas, but needs your help with the medical expenses, prescription medicines, and living expenses during and after his transplant as the medication is very expensive and he is not able to pay. It is for this reason that your donations are much appreciated and needed for his survival as he has been deteriorating with each passing day. Thank each of you for your prayers and donations.

The family of Joe Angel Martinez

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