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Family and friends of Ravien Parsons are raising money using the nonprofit Help Hope Live to help fund the purchase of a wheelchair/walk-in bathtub. and help pay for uninsured medical equipment needed to diagnosis of Stiff Person Syndrome.

They have chosen to fundraise with Help Hope Live in part because Help Hope Live assures fiscal accountability of funds raised and the added tax deductibility for contributors. Contributors can be sure donations will be used to pay or reimburse medical and related expenses. To make a tax-deductible donation to this fundraising campaign, click on the Give button.

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April 27, 2022

Please help me get a bathtub that I can get into that will require the lease amount of assistance. I cannot shower because of the sensory overload that I get when the water hits me. I need to be able to get in, spake and bathe. If someone has to help me. They won’t have to bend over on their knees to do it.

August 20, 2020

I HAVE A VAN!!! THANK YOU! Everyone that donated their time, prayers, and money to help make this possible. I am so grateful for all those that have helped make this possible. I feel so humbled and blessed that I can now go places independently. Because of this van, I can go places independently. I can also go to work as a Special Education Teacher at Summit Academy and continue to do what I love, teach students. Feel free to share the video.

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May 1, 2022

Love you Ravien

Virginia Bourn

March 25, 2022

Love you Ravien


June 22, 2020

Your story definitely touched my heart. Although this is not a huge donation I know it will be met with gratitude. I wanted to thank you for being who you are. My daughter wants to be a special needs teacher and you seem to be an extremely good one and a great example for her. Thank you for continuing your fight to heal and your fight to continue teaching. Your example will impact so many in such a positive way. I pray you get a van donated by a local dealer and that this money can be used for whatever your medical needs are. Much respect for you.

Sherry Anderson