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NEW UPDATE: APRIL 27, 2021 (Please scroll down to click on SEE ALL under “UPDATES”)

I am asking for help for my dear friend Doreen! This is her story:
Doreen was born with a hole in her heart. When she was three years old, she had rheumatic fever which caused damage to her heart valves. It was shortly after that she had open heart surgery to repair the hole, and her heart values continued to be monitored. Doreen has endured valve replacement surgeries in the ‘80s and ‘90s, as well as an implant of a pacemaker.

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April 27, 2021

UPDATE: APRIL 27, 2021

Hello everyone,

After 18 days at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, 7 of them in the Intensive Care Unit, Doreen is back home in Wisconsin! She endured many, many tests, blood draws, a biopsy, and painful procedures on a daily basis, as well as being visited and treated by some of the best liver, lung and heart specialists. I am so proud of her strength through these last few weeks! The great news is that the Cleveland Clinic, rated #1 heart hospital in the country, has determined that Doreen does not need a heart or liver transplant AT THIS TIME! Of course, the complications with her heart and liver remain very serious, but it is not yet time for her to have to go through such invasive surgeries. Doreen is so happy to receive this news and be home, where she will continue to try to keep herself as heart-healthy as possible! She and I thank everyone deeply for the well wishes and donations and over the last year. These donations will continue to be used to cover deductibles, any other ongoing, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and her travel to and from the Cleveland Clinic where she will continue to be monitored.

March 22, 2021

UPDATE: March 22, 2021

Hi everyone,

Doreen is a courageous fighter and she is moving forward with her goal of receiving a new heart and liver... and I will fight with her as long as she wants me to! So, she and I will be driving to the Cleveland Clinic (Ohio) from Wisconsin the first week in April for her to be evaluated for a heart and liver transplant. If she is accepted (fingers crossed), and a heart and liver become available for her, Doreen will be staying in Cleveland for a lengthy stay. If she is fortunate enough to receive the double transplant, when Doreen is healthy enough to leave the hospital and rehab after transplant, she will need to stay in the Cleveland area for up to six months for weekly checks. Doreen's insurance does not cover travel or housing outside of the hospital. If you are able to donate to this amazing friend of mine, it would be so appreciated. If you are unable to donate, please send Doreen your love, prayers and best wishes. Thank you all!


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April 5, 2021

Always thinking of you!

Jan Setzer

August 6, 2020

I’m praying for you in your time of need for peace and comfort, Doreen.

Debbie Hetlet

June 29, 2020

Katie and I are sending lots of strength and love to you! Xoxoxox

Kristi Rogers