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To paraphrase Anne McCaffrey‎, “My eyes are blue, my hair is silver and I am not particularly freckly; the rest is subject to change without notice.” I love how the words of others can help equip us with words of our own!

To be honest, I am not used to talking about myself. Give me another topic, and I can chatter incessantly-whether I know what I’m talking about or not. Hey, I can either make it up or Google something, right? That’s not even counting the weird random tidbits of data that lurk in my brain, only to pop out at the most inappropriate times.

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August 29, 2020

Oh my goodness! I'm feeling lousy and mean to reschedule my STAR TREK MOVIE MARATHON. Going to bed take your breathing treatment.

July 30, 2020

This is the tool I need.

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October 26, 2020

Glad to help

Colette Pope

October 16, 2020

It is such an honor to be your friend. Thank you for always being so positive and always trying to lend a helping hand! You are such a blessing to me. I hope you reach your goal!

- Your Nerdy Nails Family!

Nicole Boyles

September 4, 2020

Praying for you Lisa!

David Martinez