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Family and friends of Michael “Mike” Bechaver are raising money for the nonprofit Help Hope Live to fund expenses associated with Catastrophic Injury.

Mike has always been the guy who would give you the shirt off his back but now he needs some help to get his quality of life back. Mike was a truck driver on a mission to lose weight and get healthy after getting to over 450lbs. He had weight loss surgery in 2017 and was on a good road to his goal of 200lbs. when he was out walking his daily 8 miles and was hit by a pick up truck while in a cross walk.

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January 26, 2021

Mike is currently fighting a very sever infection in his finger. He had surgery just before Christmas to fix the tendon that was keeping it from healing from his fall back in July 2019. It was cleaned out from the infection and a pin was placed a week ago and since then he has had to have it cleaned out again twice because it has been diagnosed as sepsis. That means he keeps having the wound opened up and it is causing him a lot of pain. Mike is battling hard getting daily IV antibiotics and has been in the hospital away from his family for over a week now. He is facing the possibility of losing his left hand if this infection can’t be conquered. The loss of a hand having already lost both of his legs would be a devastating blow but he says he won’t give up no matter what life throws at him. He is in need of a vehicle that can transport his electric chair now more than ever because with one hand he cannot operate his manual wheelchair until this hand is healed.
The doctors are planning to observe him another few days in the hospital and then he will be spending another full month in a skilled nursing facility where he can get the antibiotics via IV to beat this infection. It is not easy to be away from his family this long and he is looking forward to getting better and getting home to them.

October 25, 2020

Mike’s family moved in with his parents on September 12th to help with his father’s failing health, and on September 17th his father passed away. His family is helping his mother to continue living independently and Mike is enjoying the time he gets to spend with her since his father’s passing. He is the primary driver to assist her to get to doctor appointments and run errands so his need for a wheelchair accessible van has become more imperative. He would like to be able to go out in his power wheelchair but he cannot take it in the vehicle he currently has. In order to transport his power chair someone who can lift a 40 lb ramp and strap down his chair in the trailer is required so he uses his manual wheelchair and does his best to get in and out of the car safely. Often he has fallen trying to get into the car or he gets stuck under the steering wheel and has to crawl up on the drivers seat to get in the car. Back in July Mike fell out of his manual chair on the ramp outside his home and broke his left pinky and ring fingers which has made it very difficult to get around in the manual chair. He is facing the possibility of losing his ring finger on the left hand now due to the break being unable to heal. A different vehicle that allows his power chair to drive right into the drivers seat would make his quality of life improve a lot so that he doesn’t have to continue to damage his hand and could allow it to heal.
Mike is very grateful to everyone who has already donated to his campaign and is working to raise funding as soon as possible to make his dreams of complete independence come true. Mike’s fiance Alison is an artist and is donating all profits from her work to his campaign. Currently she is selling her art photography in the form of post cards, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and note cards as “Art for Mike”; at

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January 26, 2021

Wishing you Healing and a Speedy Recovery. Leslie and Kennard

Leslie Bak-Pfalmer

January 15, 2021

Hi Michael, I learned about your multiple challenges and fundraising campaign from your friends at Iconic Dental. I admire your strength and determination to regain your independence. I've made a donation and want to wish you success in achieving your goals. Best Wishes, CM


December 6, 2020

I hope Mike can get his chair asap. Alison, I loved meeting you & spending time with you even though it was brief. Next time we'll have to actually meet Mike & do a day of it. Prayers to you & Mike.

Ken, Gen, Anne, Kalee, Mescha Whitt

August 8, 2020

Mike , We pray that you Stay strong, and positive We will always be here for you . We love you!

Michael / Jennifer Ortibez