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Hi, my name is James Gray and I am in need of a heart transplant. I was born with a weak heart and in my 30’s my heart started having complications. I have been in a coma for 3 to 4 days while they were draining 6 litters of fluid out of me because of a weak heart. I only have 10% of my heart function; so they put in an LVAD “heart pump” when I was 46 because my heart was to weak to pump. I have had an infection on my drive line that caused me to die. I have to wear a 5 pound “man purse” around my neck for the past 4 years that holds the batteries and the small “brain” that runs the LVAD. The only hope I have for a long life is a heart transplant. I am also diabetic, had my knee replace twice, at this point I have had 20 surgeries just to keep going! Here is a letter from Vanderbilt letting you know why we really need your help. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!
Vanderbilt Heart
1215 21st Ave S
5th Fl
Nashville TN 37232

To whom this may concern,

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July 19, 2020

This begging for money is hard but so is the thought of leaving my family behind if I die. I am trying to find a job and so far the goodwill may be an option. I filled out an application and I do hope I get the job to help with money. It is disappointing that I will be working for for less then $7.50 an hr I have not brought home that kinda money since I was a teen. Limited choices makes me desperate for an answer with not easy way out!

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