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Some of you may know me personally, others may not. I want to share my story about who I am and why I have a goal to raise $95,000 through Help Hope Live by the end of 2020. I have a living donor for my kidney transplant which could happen as soon as the end of November! The operation alone is $300,0000 and medical insurance doesn’t cover all my expenses, including those during recovery, doctor appointments, medications, and travel.

Who I am
I’m curious and adventurous, a constant learner, and love to engage in conversations that explore new ideas, perspectives, and solutions. I’m disciplined about optimizing my health — yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, diet, time in nature. I love art and photography, travel, and diverse cultures. My happy place, and one that grounds me, is the beach. Friends describe me as empathetic, fun, collaborative, and thoughtful.

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