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I’m Gary. I could use your help.

To all my friends throughout the years, family, and their friends. I have been struggling with liver disease for some years and in July 2020 it came to a critical point. On July 1, I experienced a blood clot that began the process of acute liver failure and have been in the hospital since then. In the urgency of the immediate need for a new liver in order to survive, I was transferred via Care Flight to the University of Utah transplant center for evaluation. I was selected on a Monday to be a recipient of a liver transplant and on August 7, the same week, received the new liver! The transplant team is quite pleased with the results and expects a complete recovery!

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September 21, 2020

The Patriotic Squirrel

Healing from a liver transplant allows some significant quiet time to recuperate and I have spent hours outside on the patio. Recently in one of times sitting in the garden, I observed a squirrel drinking out of the fountain and then appeared to be mesmerized by the July 4th flags decorating the garden. He then began to attempt to pull a flag out of the ground, and after much effort succeeded. Now he had the flag in his mouth with the little flagpole extending outside his mouth and attempted to scale the tree. I laughed as I watched the squirrel nearly fall as he navigated the branches with such a large stick protruding out of his mouth. Over the next few days there were other flags that went missing, but I’m sure the squirrel will have a warm bed this winter!

I’ve been given a remarkable life changing experience receiving a new liver. It has also given me the gift of slowing down and seeing the goodness of life and the opportunity to observe nature and live in the moment that God has given us all. I would encourage you to take time, and sit in stillness/quietness and see what gifts await you. Before the transplant, I would not have been available to experience the “Patriotic Squirrel” and the humor he brought in the moment of stillness.

September 17, 2020

Visiting the Transplant Team: Leaving Utah soon!

I’m still living in Utah, but it sounds like it won’t be for long. The Transplant Team reviewed my condition and stated I am making great physical progress. They also removed my staples and I was given another follow-up appointment for September 30th. If my condition continues to improve, I was told I will be released to return home then! Thank you for your prayers and support.

We have raised 10% of the September goal! I am so thankful. I have to pay my Cobra insurance bill for 2 months by Saturday which is almost $2000. Your support is deeply valued and appreciated. Keep those prayers and gifts coming. Also, please leave a comment as myself and others enjoy reading what you have to say. Thanks again for your help. I’m grateful for your prayers and support.

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September 21, 2020

Gary, We can’ t begin to imagine the impact this journey has had on you and will continue to have! What a gift, and what a ministry you can share with this experience ......I read your musings and marvel at your wisdom and words! God continue to heal you and bless you beyond your wildest imagination! We treasure your friendship more than you could possibly know!

Jim and Tammie Hamlin

September 20, 2020

Dear Gary, Many prayers for healing and hope during this very challenging time. Your faith in God and his promises that "All things work together for good" will give you peace in the midst of turmoil and uncertain times. Audrey shared this link with me. You are an inspiration to many who may be in a similar struggle. One day at a time sweet Jesus. Blessings,

Lisa Lenoch

September 19, 2020

God Bless You Gary, you’ve always been one of my favorite humans. Praying for your healing and financial help.

Audrey Lenoch

September 17, 2020

I miss you my friend. Please take care of yourself. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Stefanie Jones