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Kind. Genuine. Compassionate. Loyal. Strong. Loving. Brave. Adventurous. Generous. And, a smile that brightens any room. Alone, these are all just adjectives or descriptors. Together, these make up the wonderful human being who is my brother, Matt Clark, a 31-year-old, active young man.

Matt has an appetite to try new things. After having played four years of football in high school, his senior year he decided to take up Track & Field for fun. As the “big guy” on the team he loved to be underestimated by his opponents and show his incredible strength when it came time to race.

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December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas Rally Crew! Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, holiday, and a wonderful New Year. Check out our Grinch themed card...very 2020! Lots of love ~The Clark Family

November 23, 2020

Gratitude for this Life

Earlier this month, while wheeling around the grounds of Craig Hospital, Matt came upon another Matt Clark, who I will kindly refer to as Matt Clark, Sr.

Matt Clark, Sr. is an artist, a metal sculptor to be specific. Over thirty-five years ago he suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury. Doctors dismissed him and offered no hope for his future. Matt Clark, Sr. said something deep inside him said, “Wait a minute. I am going to define my life.” And, from then on, in a beautiful and poetic metaphor for his life, he’s focused his art on taking discarded objects and turning them into works of art. Wheel chair bound, Clark, Sr.’s physical limitations have required him to create his own tools and processes for making his beautiful pieces of art.

Turns out the Matt Clarks have much in common...a tenacious spirit, a zest to live life on their own terms, and an adaptable mind and body to move forward in spite of incredible challenges. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Matt Clark, Sr. yet, but I am pretty certain he’s a “beat the odds kinda guy” like our Matt.

Happenstance, fate, faith, serendipity, kismet, whatever you want to label it, we couldn’t be more grateful the Matts collided in the gardens at Craig Hospital at Matt Clark, Sr.’s “The Healer,” sculpture with the inscription:

“My body has been broken and may not heal, but my spirit can and will transcend my limitations.” See pictures below.

The pictures of our Matt next to the sculpture are great of course, but the last picture, the one of Matt in the snow next to his name is really the one the solidifies the Matt Clark bonded spirit...Matt may not be able to write his name, at the moment, but nothing will stop him from “wheeling it” and making us all smile at the same time.

And it is moments like this, even in a year where it’s often been hard to find solid ground, we’re reminded yet again that we have so much to be grateful.

We are grateful for Matt’s frame of mind and can do attitude.

We are grateful for each other in our small, but mighty family.

We are grateful for our life-long and new friends, and community of supporters.

We are grateful for amazing medical care and health.

We are grateful for this life, this one life, that we have to live.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, but I am happy to share that Matt’s been doing well at Craig Hospital in Denver. He’s been working hard in his therapies and has accomplished SOOO MUCH. My parents are able to be with him, switching off weeks to comply with the one guest at a time policy.

Simultaneously, we’re prepping for Matt’s transition back to EDH once he’s completed his in-patient and out-patient rehab, possibly late December or sometime in January.

The Rally4Clark Crew (formerly known as the Golf Gang) has been busy too. Today marks the start of a week-long virtual silent auction with all proceeds going to Matt’s HelpHopeLive fund. They’ve collected lots on lots on lots. From a long-weekend getaway to Tahoe, a custom commissioned art piece from Derek Chan, a year’s worth of fresh small farm eggs, wine (and more wine), salon services and products from Morgan Taylor, gift certificate to Clark’s Snowsports, and more...they’ve got you covered for all your holiday gift needs (plus tax deductible)!

Check out the Rally4Matt Clark Virtual Silent Auction at: Rally4MattClark | 32auctions or

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With gratitude,

Kate & Clark Family

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October 28, 2021

Love to BazzelWazzel!

Lauren Ng

September 29, 2021

We love you Matt! Mo and Jesus Reynoso

Maureen Reynoso

August 2, 2021

Hi Matt,
I know you have a very strong and loving family who will support you all the way. I've heard you are back at work, and I am so thankful and admire you for your grit and love that you give back to others.

Best wishes,

Laura Biggar

Laura Biggar