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My name is Jackson. If you donate some dollar bills, I could go up some hills…on my new bike! I won’t be a slouch, laying on my couch! Help me get a bike, so I can go on a hike!

Jackson was born with a rare muscle disease called Central Core Disease. It is a form of congenital muscular dystrophy and affects Jackson in many ways. It causes general muscle weakness, so Jackson cannot walk independently and relies on a manual wheelchair, forearm crutches and a walker to ambulate. The disease also causes many medical issues such as fragile bones, restrictive lung disease and scoliosis. Jackson is followed by many medical specialists for his disease and gets infusions for his bones twice a year, pulmonary function testing twice a year and many x-rays and other tests to monitor his disease. Jackson was also born with both of his hips displaced and had nine hip-related surgeries to repair them along with many days inpatient at the hospital and hundreds of hours of rehabilitation and physical therapy.

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