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Tanya Hostetler
Help Hope Live Southeast Transplant Fund

Family and friends of Tanya Hostetler are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with her lung transplant and Cystic Fibrosis like uninsured medications, supplements to maintain weight, and travel expenses( gas, tolls, parking fees) for trips to the lung transplant center for quarterly check-ups and annuals plus addition surgeries at the hospital. Tanya lives in Orlando, FL and is being treated at Tampa General Hospital Tampa, FL.

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January 26, 2019

I know it has been a while since I have an update. My lung function has been doing great!! However, they did see some fluid/ air seepage 8n my right lower lobe. They aren’t going to do anything yet though b/c my numbers are so good. I am over 9 years post now!! Still have lots of stomach problems due to meds and surgeries. Going to a different clinic now since they got rid of my transplant doctor’s clinic in Tampa. Still heartbroken about that! Tried the Orlando clinic and had lots of issues with them so wasn’t don’t to well physically then. Now going to Mayo clinic in Jacksonville.
I turned 40 this year!!! Thanks to my boyfriend and former step-dad, they made it possible for me to do something on my bucket list last year. I got to swim with whale sharks!!! It was so amazing!! They are friendly and are filter eaters that just eat plankton so I wasn’t scared at all. It was an experience of a lifetime!
Now onto the bad part… Medicare has changed how transplant meds are billed so they go under part B instead of part D like all the other meds. That means no extra help from Medicare that I was getting and no help from Medicaid at all. So, my copays have gone way up and costing me more than I can afford. This just started and will be affecting other people who have had lung and some other organ transplants that rely on these meds the rest of their life. It-s so unfair what Medicare and Medicaid are doing to us! I have not asked for donations in a long time but now I am desperately needing your help! Please donate if you can and remember it is all tax deductible through this non-profit organization. They help by reimbursing me for meds that I send them receipts for. Any help is appreciated! Even writing to your representative would be helpful.

October 20, 2015

My funding has lasted me 6 years but now my account is nearly depleted so I need to do more fundraising to help continue paying for my uninsured meds. The biggest one being for my stomach. I had to have surgery on my stomach to prevent refluxing into my lungs which leads to rejection and the surgery destroyed some of the nerves causing some gastorparesis. I need to take the med or I will have sever pain and nausea due to food sitting in my stomach and not emptying for a long time. When I eat my next meal there’s no room for anything so these meds help things move along. The only med they have for it that is FDA approved, I have bad side effects from so I have to order a med from the UK (that is approved there) with a prescription from my doctor. So this all has to be paid out of pocket and runs around $100 a month! On top of that I have several other vitamins and supplements (like Ensure) to help me maintain my weight and provide nutrition that my body has a hard time absorbing from food alone. I am on disability so my income is very low and I have a hard time paying for these meds so I desperately need your help! Thank you to all those who have helped and those how help in the future!

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August 2, 2020

Keep going Tanya! Fight the fight!

Laurie Phillips

August 4, 2018

We love you Tanya! Happy 40th Birthday!!

Camilla Wagner

August 8, 2016

Happy birthday you strong anazing woman !

Jessica Hoehn

July 21, 2016

Love you very much!

Ben Gardner