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Fighting With David “Bubba” Woodson

Dave was in a car accident in April 2020 on his way to work. Dave suffered C6/C7 Complete spinal cord injury, the injury paralyzed him from the nipple down and effected his hands function, which limited his mobility and truly affected his independence. For someone like Dave, who has always been an active guy, loves outdoor activities, and loves staying busy, this has been a struggle to face. But, the car accident may have broken his neck, but will not break his spirit. Dave has always been a high spirited guy with a positive outlook, but with the injury, come underlying challenges. This platform is to Help Dave financially to get him stronger and fight for independence. David always supports local businesses, loves the outdoors and always helps someone in need, and doesn’t think twice about it. He has dedicated his free time coaching kids at the boxing gym for fun and loves to interact with the community. It is his passion.

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January 1, 2022

Happy new year to all of you from us. It certainly have been a challenging year for many of us , but I am so glad that we have each other and that we have all of you in our Lives. And of course , our Jesus. May 2022 bring miracle and continued Blessings . We love you

November 22, 2021

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited here that we will be able to get an equipment that Dave desperately need.
A Myolin Bike costs $8,450 and Insurance does not cover this. This piece of equipment have so many benefits for a quadriplegic like Dave . Our hope that one day Insurance will assist in covering this type of equipment to improve the quality of life for someone who suffers Spinal Cord Injury. We thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts to make this happen for us.

The MyoCycle is a stationary functional electrical stimulation (FES) cycle ergometer which is composed of:
1. a motorized cycle ergometer
2. an FES controller / stimulator
3. a stimulation cable which connects the controller / stimulator to cutaneous electrodes (at maximum 12
cutaneous electrodes for 6 channels)
4. cutaneous electrodes
This system allows a person with impaired lower extremity movement to undertake cycle ergometry both
actively (utilized FES evoked lower extremity muscle contractions) and passively (utilizing power developed by
the ergometer’s motor). The electric motor inside the MyoCycle ensures that the pedals always rotate at 35
revolutions per minute (r/min) (isokinetic cycling), so it automatically assists or resists the patient, depending
on the magnitude and direction of the torque applied to the crank by the patient.
The MyoCycle is an Rx-only, Class II medical device, cleared for sale in the US by the FDA (K170132).
Indications for Use: The MyoCycle is intended for general rehabilitation for:
1. Relaxation of muscle spasms
2. Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
3. Increasing local blood circulation
4. Maintaining or increasing range of motion

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January 12, 2022

May God bless you, heal you and give you His peace.

Candice Grimsley

December 31, 2021

Hi Dave and Siska! I'm praying for you and your family, and am hoping for a blessed and prosperous New Year!

Sangrin Thompson

November 23, 2021

You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love you! Bob & Candy Grimsley

Candice Grimsley

November 15, 2021

Happy Holidays Dave! Hope Santa brings you a special gift.

Liying Scarbrough