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Why begin a campaign? Why fundraise? The question should be why should someone so young, like myself, need a heart; a new heart for that matter? Well, it happened to me. Why did it happen? Various reasons and factors played into this, but overall, it appeared to be congenital. Living with a Left Ventricular Assistance Device (LVAD) now, and waiting for that call to receive a new heart, why not campaign for my cause, to give me the best possible outcome, to help me be successful in a long and normal life.

What makes me special? Special is such a subjective term, to be honest. I like to think, what makes me worthy? What makes this campaign worthy enough to help me with my journey to a successful life post transplant? The answer? I’m a human being. I’m young. I have so much I want to achieve throughout my life. Is that so much to ask for? It’s hard to ask for help, especially for me, as I’ve always been Mr. Independent. However, there comes a time, when asking for help is needed, and swallowing your pride is required.

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September 25, 2020

Every little bit helps. Won't you pitch in? Thanks bunches!

Linda Isbell