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“In one moment I thought I was going to die; the next moment I realized I was still alive…..”

Mary was hit by a semi tractor trailer, that was traveling at 55 miles per hour upon impact, while she was in her compact car. In addition to this life changing accident, a number of years later, Mary was also in someone else’s vehicle, when the driver hit a patch of ice, and slid into a cement retaining wall, compounding existing damage, and may have caused new damage. From these traumatic life changing events, she is now suffering from a progressing Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, cognitive deficits, as well as ambulatory difficulties, all resulting in the need for disability specific assistive devices, in addition to a particular type of vehicle which she needs for the assistive device. Mary was referred by an agency, to our nonprofit, Help Hope Live, which is a catastrophic medical fundraising organization. Help Hope Live has started a campaign to help Mary pay for functional medicine, assistive technology, adaptive devices, transportation needs, temporary stays, and/or possible relocation to access treatments, with the hopes that one day, Mary will work again, have fewer medical needs, and connect in a more normalized way with family and friends once again!


October 2, 2021

Transformation Church, Altoona, PA announced this good cause & campaign.