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Please Help Jan Ziskovsky with Lung Transplant Recovery

Jan Ziskovsky had a lung transplant on November 5, 2020 at Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania – Penn Medical Center after Jan’s years-long treatments for interstitial lung disease stopped working. This was blindsiding and unexpected for Rosemary and Jan, with no time to prepare for the road ahead. Jan’s recovery will be long; her medical team expects Jan to be hospitalized for at least two more months.

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November 25, 2020

Progress continues. Small and meaningful steps forward. Challenges in between but nothing insurmountable. Being the introvert she is , Jan would probably prefer a few less people, less noise and fewer interruptions, everything ICU isn’t! We particularly measure progress with how much time off the vent- 18 hours yesterday going for 24 today and possibly entirely off by the end of the week/weekend. Ventilator off leads the way to feeding tube out, moving to another floor and more activity. I say this every time because she is told this daily by the staff that she is doing an amazing job. Thank you all again for your ongoing love and care.

November 22, 2020

Today we had a visual of her progress with lung X-rays from 4 days ago to today. Everyday her lungs get stronger and her breathing easier. Getting used to lungs that actually work is like going from your old car where you have made adjustments for the things that don’t quite work right to a brand new car where everything works but you still have to learn how to use it. She is learning and figuring it out. She is communicating more through writing which also means she’s getting stronger with the use of her hands. Every is stable and moving forward. Music continues to be a good distraction and mood booster. We are particularly liking Imagine Dragons that have many lyrics that seem fitting to our circumstances. She’s tired of the feeding tube which probably is a good sign. Ready for real food but first things first- completely off the ventilator then a swallow test then if that goes well food in some form comes next. Such great cheerleaders up here. It make a difference to be surrounded by positive people. Thank you all for your ongoing cheerleading for her!

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November 23, 2020

Dear Jan and Rosemary, sending powerful healing thoughts for a full and speedy recovery. Heard you’re a Rockstar on your journey back to health. Of course, we knew that! Can wait to see you both sooner rather than later. Thinking of you everyday. With love, Beverley xoxo

Beverley Rohde

November 15, 2020

Jan, My thoughts and prayers are with you and Rosemary during this time of recovery. May the healing grace of our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be present with you. God Bless, Kathy Heffernan (Rosemary's Augie roommate)

Kathy Heffernan

November 14, 2020

We are cheering for you, Jan, and sending love and healing energy to you, Rosemary and all your loved ones.

Mary Kirkpatrick

November 14, 2020

Thinking of you Jan! You have helped and cared for so many while working for the crisis center but now it is time to take care of you! Sending you healing thoughts and prayers Bailey

Bailey Ryan