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Dear Friends and Family,

We are writing to share the hardest decision we have ever had to make. After a long process of deliberation and evaluation, Christopher has decided to proceed with the heart/liver transplant process. He is now a candidate at Stanford Medical Center. After a lifetime with congenital heart disease, six heart surgeries, several other heart-related procedures, three pacemakers, multiple hospitalizations, and nearly dying on more than one occasion, Christopher’s doctors have advised that all treatments to keep his heart going have been exhausted: a new heart and liver is his only option. This will be a long, difficult, and costly process. We embark on this journey with mixed emotions ranging from terror and sadness to excited anticipation for a new lease on life and many more years with his wife, young son, and loving community.

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November 20, 2020

Check out Christopher’s interview on KPFA”s Pushing Limits. Christopher discusses his upcoming transplant and what it’s like being a father in the face of such big events, as well as the things he is grateful for even with all of this going on:

November 11, 2020

Raising the Goal
My family and I have been so moved and inspired by the generous outpouring of donations, well-wishes and other help. We feel so supported. We are both stunned and thankful that in less than a week we have almost reached our original goal of $25,000. Since, making that goal (somewhat arbitrarily as Stanford gives no guidance about this) I have spoken with folks who have previously had transplants and been advised to raise my goal. I am reminded that I am in a sense setting up a fund for life since I’ll be on expensive medications for the rest of my days. As well, due to ongoing kidney issues, there is some consideration of a kidney transplant as well. With or without that, doctors have told me it is likely I’ll need kidney dialysis for at least some time after the surgery. They also expect that due to my complicated history my recovery both in hospital and living near Stanford may be longer. It is uncertain outcomes and a financially more intensive post-surgery situation that I did not consider originally. Therefore, I now set my goal at $75,000 to ensure that these possibilities will be covered. They tell me too that even in the best situations, things can get expensive. Thank you for all your support thus far. If you are able to give more, great and if not your offers of labor, spreading the word, and simply healing thoughts and prayers mean more than you will know. Thank you!

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November 24, 2020

Hoping and praying that the next year brings you so much to be thankful for, but especially improved health and strength.


November 19, 2020

May your new heart and liver be infused with the vibrant aliveness and love that your beautiful spirit exudes. Scot & Sky

Scot Rothman

November 14, 2020

all love and healing to your precious heart

rima roberts

November 10, 2020

You have such a big heart for everyone else! May this journey bring you health & happiness with the support of all your wonderful family and friends. Sending you love & and huge hug! Beverlee

Beverlee Laird