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I’m 39 years old mom with congestive heart failure.

I got congestive heart failure after giving birth to my daughter who is 16 years old. I’ve been dealing with this heart disease for 16 years to the point that my heart has declined over the years. I’m in need of a heart transplant and continuous help with donations up to I get my heart transplant and after. I need help cover my heart transplant and rejection medications that can run for thousands of dollars a month. I will be on this rejection medication for life so my new heart doesn’t reject me. There were days I was too sick to cook for my daughter, so I had to order meals for us to eat, had a hard time completing chores and so fatigue that I couldn’t do my hair so I had to pay someone to braid my hair because I couldn’t do my hair. There are days I’m so exhausted to the point I have to stop in between bathing or showering. There are days that I’m so drained fatigue and exhausted to the point I couldn’t get out of bed. Trying to provide for my daughter and I with meals and bills to make ends meet is a struggle each day. When it came time for us to move at the spare of the moment and directing the movers. The last few things that were left in the apartment I wasn’t feeling well to focus enough to tell what I was keeping rushing to get things done and throwing things away to the point I threw away parts of my things and my daughters pictures from when she was an infant and toddler up to elementary school. I feel like I have lost part of her life and I can’t get that back. Now she doesn’t have much to look back on but memories. I am so mad with myself that it happened. I had to slow down with working and eventually had to stop working because of my health declining. Getting excited that I can go to work after my doctor released me to go back after getting my LVAD. I tried to go back to work my heart want let me. That day by day is hard for me.

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