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Due to the utterly unexpected and shocking generosity of the gift of a powered wheelchair I am no longer fundraising at this time. See the updates for the details.

Velochair Fundraiser

Updates (20)

October 8, 2021

I walked to my weekly D&D game tonight for the first time since the Covid Pandemic started. I’m healed enough from my hip replacement to be able to walk the distance, and my Legs make the walk safe. It was really nice to be able to walk over to Chris’s house and play in person instead of on-line. Everyone in our gaming group is fully vaccinated. I just wish Kris lived in town so all of us could actually be in the same room.

September 8, 2021

Completely unexpectedly an old friend from High School/College days has contacted me. Matt’s wife has died and she had used a power wheelchair. He is giving me her power wheelchair as he wants it to go to someone he loves.

The powered wheelchair that Matt is giving me will allow me to go to conventions, the zoo, museums, and indoor all day activities. The three wheel Tryke I have, once we have built a secure outdoor storage space, will allow me to travel outdoors on my own without fear of falling. My Legs have made it so I have no fear of falling when I am walking.

It is not until my Primary Progressive MS seriously further progresses that I will actually need a Velochair. In the mean time, I will have Matt’s wife’s power wheelchair, and My Legs (my forearm crutches) to get around with. I still love the Velochair and I would definitely like to get one, eventually. However, I do not feel that I should be continuing fundraising for a Velochair at this time.

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